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Tailored tuition that delivers great results.

  • Expert tuition that builds confidence, changes attitudes and delivers results
  • Individual plans are tailored to meet the learning needs of students 5 - 16 years
  • Tutoring plans complement schoolwork and follow the school curriculum
  • Tutors are fully trained and experts in their field
  • Progress is monitored and regular reports show how your child is improving
  • Specific catch-up, extension or exam preparation tuition
  • Every student works towards agreed personal goals
  • 35+ years dedicated to perfecting our methods for successful tutoring services

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We make a difference in the lives of children

NumberWorks’nWords English and maths tuition supports students ages 5 - 16 with their education, by personalising learning programmes specifically catering to the individual needs of each student. We offer free English and maths assessments which identify gaps and weaknesses. With this information, in conjunction with the parents and child, our team will develop a personalised learning programme to meet your child’s learning needs.

Our in-centre English tuition and maths tuition is customised to each child, so whether they are learning to read and write, learning basic numeracy, preparing for English and maths exams, or looking for extension work that challenges them, tutoring at NumberWorks’nWords can help. Our tuition model caters for 11 levels of the school curriculum, and collectively our centres deliver more than 120,000 English and maths tutoring lessons every term.

NumberWorks’nWords in-centre tuition is computer-based, using bespoke English and maths tutoring software. Traditional learning methods are also incorporated into teaching practices and cater for students of all abilities regardless of where they are at in their learning journey. English and maths tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is beneficial for high school or primary aged students who need extra support, are falling behind at school, or those who are approaching exams. To learn more about tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords, get in touch with your local centre today to book a free assessment.

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At the first sign of schoolwork struggles, it’s essential to get ahead of the problem before it’s too late. When school work becomes more complex, time spent self-studying may not be the answer your child needs. At NumberWorks’nWords, we offer expert maths and English tutoring to help your child understand their syllabus and boost their confidence at school.

Don’t wait until exams to get your child the support they need — the longer you delay your child a tutor, the more coursework there is to catch up on. Children don’t avoid schoolwork for fun; they often avoid it because they find it too challenging. Led by trained English and math tutors across New Zealand, we can give your child the support and confidence they need to excel.

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  • How does tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords help?

    Tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords helps boost confidence and improve school results, thanks to our proven in-centre tuition model that is tailored to each student. Our personalised approach to tuition, which caters to students of all abilities and complements the work that students do at school, is curriculum-based and designed to meet the individual needs of each student. Our English and maths tutors are specially trained and are experts in their subject. NumberWorks’nWords tutors are high school or university students who have recently completed their schooling. They have an easy rapport with our students as they are close in age, and act as role models for our pupils. Students also receive mentorship from their tutors and build confidence through learning in a supportive environment that fosters growth and achievement. We can provide English and maths tutoring to help your child achieve a specific goal, prepare them for exams, level up their school grades, or extend their learning beyond the school syllabus.

    Personalised tuition programmes are prepared following our comprehensive English and maths assessments, which help us to determine where each student is at with their learning, and what their learning goals are. With this information, and in conjunction with the parent and child, we prepare a learning programme to help meet the student’s needs and advance their learning. Our learning systems have been carefully developed to produce results - both in skill and confidence levels. You’ll receive regular progress reports and your child will earn certificates as he/she progresses through the levels. You’ll also know it’s working when your child’s regular teacher notices a difference and their enthusiasm for learning grows.

  • What services does NumberWorks’nWords offer?

    NumberWorks’nWords specialise in teaching English and maths to students aged 5 - 16. Within this range, the full spectrum of capability is covered, with learning programmes individually tailored to each student’s needs. Tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is just as beneficial for high-achievers as it is for students who are struggling to keep up and provides additional benefits in addition to improved school results, such as increased confidence and improved attitudes towards learning and study. English and maths tutoring sessions are one hour long and are offered after school on weekdays, with some centre’s also offering Saturday lessons. Exam preparation support and tuition is available for high school students who are approaching exams. Get in touch with your local centre to book a free assessment today!

English and Maths tutoring for every ability

Miggy video

Tutoring in an environment where children can focus

Meet Miguel, a new pupil to NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring. Hear how he loves maths and how he can learn and focus during a NumberWorks’nWords maths lesson.

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Student video NumberWorksnWords

Students love learning at NumberWorks'nWords

NumberWorks'nWords helps children of all ages in maths and English not only in their results but in their confidence.

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Lucinda video

Experience a comfortable and friendly learning environment

Lucinda, a NumberWorks’nWords maths pupil, tells us how she feels comfortable asking questions. NumberWorks’nWords maths tutoring has made the transition from middle school maths to high school maths seamless, while she works alongside tutors who she can relate to.

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Parent advocates to personalised maths and English tutoring

NumberWorks'nWords maths and English tutoring gives children a love of learning

Hear Marjolein explain how having her children at NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring has given them a love of learning, while working alongside what they are learning at school. Tutoring at NumberWorks’nWords has given the girls confidence to turn “I can’t” into “I can”.

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About Us

NumberWorks’nWords was founded in 1984 by passionate educators who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children through education. With more than 40 years of experience teaching English and maths to children, NumberWorks’nWords is one of the world’s longest running tuition providers. NumberWorks’nWords has 72 tuition centres world-wide. Our mission is to improve school results and build confidence in children, to help them succeed with their schooling and beyond.

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