Owning a tuition centre: All you need to know

Your opportunity

With a NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centre, you can satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit, discover a more flexible lifestyle and be in charge of your own destiny, while enjoying the emotional rewards of helping children reach their potential.

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Franchising NumberWorksnWords

Want to know more

  • Your territory

    It’s our policy to offer new franchisees a territory that can demographically support a full-time NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centre. Depending on availability and your preference, we can offer the territory that’s closest to where you live or the territory that has the most potential for success. With 35+ years of experience and relevant demographic data, we’re in a good position to provide advice that will help you to choose a successful location. Once agreed, your territory is exclusive and protected for the life of the franchise agreement.

  • Your premises

    Individually owned centres deliver tutoring programmes to primary and high school students in their defined territory. They also organise local marketing, with guidance and design support from Headquarters. As part of the set-up process we help you to find a building that’s suitable as a NumberWorks’nWords centre – around 100 sq metres is needed. We will prepare a layout plan, provide specifications for the décor (interior and exterior) and furniture, and design the signage.

  • Tutoring software

    Our world-acclaimed, curriculum-linked tutoring software allows you to deliver an effective, individualised tutoring programme to every student (ages 5 - 16) who enrols at your centre.

    We have our own product development and IT teams. They are continuously updating existing software, developing new curriculum-linked learning programmes and maintaining support systems. Their expertise ensures NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centres are always working with world-class, market-leading educational tools that complement national curricula for students aged 5 to 16 years.

  • Setting up

    Our initial training programme covers all aspects of the NumberWorks’nWords business. By the time the training programme is completed, you will be fully equipped to successfully manage your business.

  • Income

    We can provide you with income projections for your first year, plus a revenue calculator to help with future planning.

  • Costs

    For a new centre, the Franchise Fee is $20,000 plus up to $60,000 to fit out your new centre and ongoing expenses. For an existing territory, the Franchise Fee is also $20,000, plus the purchase price of the centre. We also recommend another $20,000 budgeted for expenses. Once established, a simple Franchise Service Fee is charged as a percentage of monthly income.

  • You will receive

    • Comprehensive training to prepare you for running your own tutoring business.
    • Ongoing support and assistance to help you grow your business.
    • NumberWorks’nWords exclusive teaching software for running after-school programmes.
    • A purpose-built student database to help you manage the weekly roll, record student absences and make-up sessions and keep track of each student’s account. This database also assists with future planning and allows you to make performance comparisons with other licensees.
    • Full student work recording systems. A comprehensive record is maintained for each student, to track progress and assist with preparing reports to parents. An advertising and marketing kit that has all the creative material you will need to attract students.
    • Access to a company-wide Intranet, including forums, discussions with HQ and the network of Franchisees, a library of resources and tools to support you in your success and enjoyment of running your own business.
    • A page on the NumberWorks’nWords website, to promote your tutoring hub.
    • Regular training events to keep you up with new curriculum and tuition developments.
  • Qualifications

    You don’t need to be a teacher but you need to be passionate about education and enjoy working with children. Communication skills are vital as there is a lot of talking with parents, tutors and students. Business skills are an advantage especially in the sales and marketing area. However, our comprehensive training and ongoing support will ensure you are well equipped to run a successful centre that achieves great outcomes and results for children.